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Information Technology Should Make Life Simpler


With  over three decades of experience implementing and managing Information  Technology, I have the knowledge and experience to take the IT burden  off of your shoulders so that you can focus on success.

Some of the many services that EZ-IT provides are listed below.  Please contact me   to discuss these and any particular needs that your company has to see  if we can find the right solution to suit your business's needs.

Learn More About...

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Managed IT services
  •  Computer, network and software  repair, installation and upgrading 
  • Infrastructure development
  • Telecommunications and mobile device support
  • General IT
  • ...and much more!

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Managed IT Services


Small businesses often lack the luxury of having  on-staff IT support.

Most businesses have someone on staff who is 'tech savvy' and helps to keep things running.  Unfortunately, technology takes time to maintain and often keeps that person away from their primary job.

Outsourcing your technology services and support allows you and your staff to focus on the business that you know best while still having an IT expert at the ready to make sure that the tools you need are always working efficiently.

...all at a cost far less than paying someone full time to perform the task!

Computer, Network and Software Repair, Installation and Upgrading


EZ-IT has decades of experience repairing computers , networks and all of the other technology that help businesses succeed.

Whether you have broken equipment, a virus infection or need to upgrade your equipment, we have the experience to make sure that your computers, printers, scanners and other equipment is fixed right the first time.

Need to setup, repair or upgrade your  network?  EZ-IT can run the cable, setup the network equipment and work with your Internet provider to make sure that your business is connected.

EZ-IT also has the expertise to help you get the software that your business needs installed, configured and upgraded to insure that you have the tools that you needed to run efficiently.

Backup and Disaster Recovery


EZ-IT is very excited to partner with Datto, a world leader in backup and disaster recovery!

Using Datto's  best in class  security appliance, EZ-IT can insure that your data is always backed up and protected from hardware failures, accidental deletion and ransomware. 

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Proof of Backup
  • Image Based Backup (you don't have to worry about what to back-up...we get it all)
  • Virtualization (if a system fails we can have you up and running within hours rather than days)
  • Secure Backup
  • Industry Specific Compliance
  • Continuous Monitoring

See our recent Blog post to learn more!

Infrastructure Development


Moving  to a new facility and need to make sure that everything is ready for  business at the new location?

With Internet connections to arrange, phone lines and systems to move, the challenge can seem insurmountable.   To make it even tougher, chances are you may be shutting down at the  old office on a Friday and need to be up and running at the new site  Monday morning.

I've  helped all sizes of businesses:  large corporate offices, shop  facilities, industrial plants, and small offices make the move smoothly and be ready for business at their new location when business is ready for them!

Telecommunications and Mobile Device Support


 Once  upon a time, phones were easy.  Today, we have analog systems, Voice  over IP (VoIP) systems, cell phones, smartphones, tablets — it's not  easy anymore!

I have experience with all of these and can help make it easy again.

Chances  are that your company has quite a few cell phone lines that you've  added over the years.  Are they all still being used?  Are you paying  for options that you don't need?  Are your employees using data  unnecessarily and costing you extra?

Whether  you need to make better use  of the systems and devices that you  already have or want to evaluate how best to update them, I can help.

General IT


We've highlighted a few of the many services EZ-IT offers but this is only the "tip of the iceberg."

If you don't see the services that your company needs listed here, contact us for a free consultation  and we'll be happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs and show  how EZ-IT can help.